Thursday, September 01, 2005

Runaway Global Warming

. . . is not necessarily as bad as it sounds.

When public figures talk about "Runaway Global Warming", what they reallly mean is that the climate is out of the control of the human race.

It does not necessarily mean that the warming trend would continue exponentially, only that for a period of time we would be on the receiving end of the natural conclusion of the trend we have created. We would only have to endure a period of tribulation with the environment directly proportional to the offences committed against that environment.

In other words, if we can endure the results of our own mistakes, then we will be able to progress once again as a species. Not necessarily fatal.

This is why the "Wrath of God" is actually fairly tame in comparison with the "Wrath of Emptiness" - because it comes to chastise and to correct, not to destroy.


Anonymous Solarbud said...

Hi Solar Bud
Greetings from Canada.
Your ideas are very progressive.
I share your concern and optimism.
Keep up the good work.
By the way, is Stephen Hawking an American??

7:33 am  

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