Tuesday, August 30, 2005

We Can't Afford Our Gasoline

. . . is the title of this clever and amusing flash movie.

Well, what a week. Oil above $70/barrel, and Hurricane Katrina destroying New Orleans and killing people. My other half and I watched "The Day After Tomorrow" for the first time the other night, then turned on the news to see the USA being battered by a huge hurricane.

"The Wrath of God", some might call it. But as global warming is "anthropogenic" - human-induced - perhaps this destruction is more of a lesson in how we can be gods: if we are battered into submission as a result of our apalling disrespect for the planet we inhabit, then perhaps we will learn to take responsibility for our own existence here.

Traditionally, the Wrath of God came upon people who had behaved badly and abused their special status as favoured species on Earth. It came to chastise and to correct. Perhaps we should take note, and change our ways. Perhaps it is just that the largest polluting country in the world is currently being battered and humiliated on international television - by nature itself.


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