Monday, July 04, 2005

Schsorry Guys

I take it all back about Schnews. Today I found an excellent article about making biodiesel on their website - a link from a new web site called Greenpowered, which I have added to the links on the right hand side of this page. Looks very interesting, especially the 'how-to' section where members can add their home-grown alternative energy systems design.

Here is a description of my own wood-fuel heating system, originally posted on Powerswitch:-

I have a 10kW stove with a back boiler for hot water and also central heating which heats my little house thoroughly from top to bottom. I have a radiator in every room.

The DHW cylinder (a large one with a second coil in the bottom for solar when I get it!) is in the room above the stove so it heats up by convection from the stove with no pump. There is an overflow radiator connected to it on the chimney breast in the bedroom.

This is handy because it means that even during a power cut half the house will still be heated (living room\ main bedroom) by convection and radiation and I will still have a full cylinder of hot water.

On the return pipe from the cylinder to the stove is a pipe thermostat set at 70 degrees centigrade which is connected to a pump which pumps water round the radiators. So when I first light up the stove, it heats the water cylinder as a priority, but when the fire goes out at night, the pump to the radiators switches off with the falling temperature, so that the insulated cylinder still gives piping hot water in the morning.


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