Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Power to the People!

I found today on Ran Prieur's excellent blog, a link to a piece about Jesus' 'Third Way' of militant nonviolence.

It's very rare that I find a piece on Jesus so spot-on in its understanding and analysis. Anyone remotely interested in spirituality and the value of human being is highly recommended to read it.

It is sad that there is so much misinterpretation and misunderstanding of Jesus' message today, even (and sometimes especially) amongst self-professed 'Christians'. It is so true that faith denies both knowledge and understanding, and yet sometimes it is all we have to cling to in crises for which we are unprepared.

Of course, it is a faith that knowledge and understanding will come later - even if that should be after death. In reality, knowledge and understanding do come later, as a product of experience in the form of wisdom. There seems to me to be no reason to suppose that the experience of death itself does not bring its own wisdom. Certainly, each of us will experience death in some way or another every day of our lives.

But life still goes on . . .


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