Friday, June 24, 2005

The Harvest of the Earth is Ripe

Well, it looks like it's finally happening. Oil above $60, refineries maxed out because they can't cope with all the low-quality high-sulphur oil coming onto the market as 'light sweet' production capacity is reached, and doubts that we will get through this winter without supply problems.

Rising prices of petrol, heating oil . . . you name it. Peak Oil is here. All the main headlines are energy-related, from British Gas putting up their prices by another 15%, to British Airways slapping more fuel surcharges on flights.

And on it goes . . . electric storms and flash floods after the second heatwave in a fortnight . . . power supplies getting cut off to thousands of homes . . . villages getting swept away now every year on a regular basis . . .

What can it all mean?


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