Sunday, May 15, 2005

Welcome to the Group

Hi, I'm Solar Bud, and I'm a Megalomaniac.

Whether you believe that power is power like James Howard Kunstler, or that power is love like Wizard Prang, its eternal allure is difficult to ignore. Deep down, everyone wants a crack at megalomania, but of course the mundanities of life tend to take precedence - and quite rightly so, of course.

I was fascinated by the megalomaniacal tendencies of the Project for the New American Century, so I decided to try to undermine them with a Project of my own, the Project for the New Celtic Century. The hit count is just under 700 at the minute, so taking over the world is running a bit behind schedule. I have even tried to calm the Muslims.

My latest effort involves brainwashing people with music, but I haven't had much feedback so far. Either the effort has resulted in catatonia or euphoria - or it is possible of course that it hasn't resulted at all.

Of course, one way of looking at megalomania is that it is simply a passion for being able to do things - as in personal empowerment. A true megalomaniac though seeks not just what is good for one, but what is good for all. After all, the power of spiritual fusion is second to none in potency.

So, these pages are dedicated to the pursuit of power in all its forms. Best to be upfront about it, I think.


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