Monday, May 16, 2005

It's only natural

Well, it seems that even Oxford University (mind you, what do they know?) think that renewables are the way forward for the UK. I have always suspected that it takes a genius to state the obvious.

Amazing how statistics are 100% context-dependent. Like the fact that wind farm opponents point out that currently wind only supplies 2% of Britain's electricity. If for some reason we suddenly lost access to the Russian gas we are hoping will supply 70% of our power by 2020, then wind would suddenly supply a much larger proportion of our power, and all of a sudden people might be very grateful for it.

Mind you, David Bellamy, the opposition's major spokesman, is getting increasingly desperate these days. I wonder if he has a solar collector on his roof. It seems that the biggest threat to Britain's flora and fauna is . . . climate change.


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