Friday, May 27, 2005

Green Fingers

Looks like there might be hope for the free market after all. It seems that now everyone with a garden, no matter how small, can buy everything they need to turn it into their own little slice of paradise.

This BBC article details how - and notably mentions that a survey of gardeners 'aged 15 to 34' reveals that three-quarters of home horticulturalists refuse to use chemical pesticides. It looks like a new generation is being brought up on permaculture and organic farming in their own back yard.

Very fortunate really, as backyard farming is going to be essential after the peak in world oil production. The cry is being echoed across the pond, where proposals are flying around to turn the cities into farms. Truly growing food locally seems to be a pre-requisite for power - it passes the crucial test of being something which is not just good for one, but is good for all.

Once we have planted our food in the spring, grown it in the summer and harvested it in the autumn, we need to store it for the winter. An obvious method is freezing, but if the power fails, you're going to go hungry after your little store de-frosts! Other ways to store food include drying and canning . . . those of us with cellars could be lucky! (I am not one!)


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